Our History
Theatre productions at Northampton can be traced back 100 years.  We have quite the history of staging some memorable and historic plays and musicals.  In the late 1910's / early 1920's Northampton was the center of the world's cement industry.  Many Eastern European immigrants came to the area to work in the cement plants to provide their children with the education they were unable to achieve.

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1919   Operetta:  Little Almond Eyes
1920   Operetta:  Polished Pebbles
1921   N/A
1922   Play: Princess Kiku  Senior Class Play: A Box of Monkeys
           Play: Hop O' Me Thumb
1923   Senior Class Play: Mothballs
1924   Musical: Springtime Senior Class Play: Miss Somebody Else
1925   Musical: Kathleen Senior Class Play: The Charm School 
           Junior Class Play: Daddy Long Legs
1926   Musical: Miss Bob White
1927   Musical: Fleurette  Senior Class Play: The Wrong Mr. Wright
1928   Plays:  The Rose of Tokyo
          Captain Applejack, an Arabian Night's Adventure, in Three Acts
1929   Fall Play: That's That  Senior Class Play: The Admirable Crichton
1930   Plays: Sauce for the Goslings,  Box and Car, 
           Lend me Five Shillings
1931   Fall Play: The Ghost Story Senior Class Play: Nothing But the Truth
1932   Senior Class Play: Come Out of the Kitchen
1933   Senior Class Play: Oh, Professor
1934   Operetta: Lantern Land Senior Class Play: Girl-Shy
1935   Operetta: Rings in the Sawdust
Senior Class Play: Dollars to Doughnuts
1936   Senior Class Play N/A
1937   Musical: The Count and the Coed Senior Class Play: The Tin Hero
1938   Senior Class Play: Cleopatra's Half Sister
1939   Senior Class Play: Wedding Spells
1940   Senior Class Play: Truth on a Holiday
1941   Senior Class Play: The Late Mr. Early
1942   Senior Class Play: Why Worry
1943   Senior Class Play: The Lucky Accident
1944   Senior Class Play: Please Mr. Featherway
1945   Senior Class Play: A Farcial Voyage in Three Acts
1946   Senior Class Play: Tell it to the Marines
1947   Senior Class Play: What Ails You
1948   Senior Class Play: Ring Around Elizabeth
1949   Senior Class Play: Green Stockings
1950   Operetta The White Gypsy Senior Class Play: Accidentally Yours
1951   Senior Class Play: Doctor's Orders
1952   Senior Class Play: Mistakes at the Blakes
1953   Senior Class Play: June Wedding
1954   Senior Class Play: Down to Earth
1955   Senior Class Play: Second Fiddle
1956   Senior Class Play: Isn't Life Dull
1957   Senior Class Play: Come Out of the Closet
1958   Senior Class Play: Guess Again
1959   Senior Class Play: The Overnight Ghost
1960   Senior Class Play: Operation Ice Cube
1961   Senior Class Play: Two's a Crowd
1962   Senior Class Play: Gasoline Gypsies
1963   Senior Class Play: Not For Sale
1964   Senior Class Play: A HillBilly Weddin
1965   Senior Class Play: Take Your Medicine
1966   Senior Class Play: A Man Called Peter
1967   Senior Class Play: Onions in the Stew
1968   Senior Class Play: Pick a Dilly
1969   N/A
1970   First Musical: Li'l Abner
1971   Drama Club "The Company" is established
A Christmas Carol,  A Night of One Acts
1972   Fall Play: The Miracle WorkerA Night of One Acts
           Senior Class Play: Skin of our Teeth
1973   Fall Play: Macbeth Did It Spring Musical: Flowers for Algernon
1974   Fall Play: Spiral Staircase and Early Frost
Spring Musical: Fiddler on the Roof
1975   Fall Play: Around the World in 80 Days Spring Musical: The King and I
1976   Play: Our Town  Musical: West Side Story
1977   Play: Dirty Work Musical: Funny Girl
1978   Play: The Odd Couple Musical: My Fair Lady
1979   Play: Barefoot in the Park Musical: Godspell
1980   Play: The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds
           Musical: No No Nanette 
1981   Play: Heaven Can Wait Musical: Pippin
1982   Play: Once in a Lifetime Musical: Grease
           Summer Musical:  Godspell
1983   Play: A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
           Musical: Bye Bye Birdie
1984   Play: Story Theatre Musical: The Wizard of Oz
1985   Spring Musical: Oliver!
1986   Play: Winnie the Pooh Musical: Once Upon a Mattress
1987   Play: Peter Pan Musical: Working
1988   Play: Up the Down Staircase Musical: Cinderella
1989   Play: You Can't Take it with You Musical: South Pacific
1990   Play: Alice in Wonderland Musical: Annie
1991   Play: The Dining Room Musical: 42nd Street
1992   Play: Help I'm Trapped in a High School
           Musical: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
1993   Play: Charlotte's Web Musical: On the Town
1994   Play: Meet the Creeps Musical: Hello Dolly
1995   Fall Musical: Fame Spring Musical: Anything Goes
1996   Play: Tom Sawyer Musical: The Music Man
1997   Play: Macbeth Did it Musical: Oklahoma!
1998   Play: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical: Crazy for You
1999   Play: Babes in Toyland Musical: Once Upon a Mattress
2000   Play: Krazy Kamp Musical: Funny Girl
2001   Play: A Midsummer Night's Dream Musical: Bye Bye Birdie
2002   Play: Our Town Musical: Guys and Dolls
2003   Play: The Crucible Musical: The Sound of Music
2004   Play: Life is Just a Series of One Acts Musical: Oklahoma!
2005   Play: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Musical: Honk!
2006   Play: Father of the Bride Musical: Little Shop of Horrors
2007   Play: Faust Musical: Thoroughly Modern Millie
2008   Play: How to Eat like a Child Musical: High School Musical
2009   Play: Something's Afoot
           Musical: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
2010   Play: Father Knows Best
           Musical: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
2011   Play: John Lennon and Me Musical: The Pajama Game
2012   Play: Almost Maine Musical: big, The Musical
2013   Play: Turn Back the Clock Musical: Seussical
2014   Play: Playground Musical Bye Bye Birdie
2015   Play: Cheaper By the Dozen Musical: Once Upon a Mattress
2016   Play: Harvey Musical: Oliver!
2017   Play: It's a Wonderful Life Musical: Anything Goes
2018   Play: The Importance of Being Earnest  Musical: The Addams Family
2019   Play: The Diary of Anne Frank Musical: Mary Poppins

Class of:
Class of:
Sources:  Northampton Area School District Website, NAHS Library, Wikipedia
Catalog of plays and musicals courtesy of Ms. Celia Doll.

This education included the stage.  For many years, the productions were part of a Music class, English class or a Senior Class event.  In 1971, the Drama Club, "The Company", was formed and the rest, as they say, is history.   Let's take a look back at the rich Theatre history of NAHS.